Sunday, February 21, 2010

Printer Table

Many would say this falls into the category of Too Much Stuff. I could even agree with them. We carry a 3-in-1 printer. It’s handy for printing out information about places to go that we find on the web or making a copy of something.

I stole the placement from Ted H. The stand is nothing more than 1/8 plywood cut to fit between the lips of the dinette. I glued three 1/2 strips on the bottom to stiffen the stand. [This is a light printer, four pounds maybe]

The panel is secured to the lips of the dinette with the cup hooks you can almost see in the picture. The biz ends of the cups hooks hold a [blue] bungee cord that keeps the printer from slipping off in transit.

For two people, the printer is not in the way of using the table. If we ever have the need for four people, the stand comes out pretty easy.

Other things you see in the picture.

I put a plastic tray under the table to hold paper.

That’s an inverter on the floor. It’s hard-wired into the factory 14-gauge wire that runs in the bin over the dinette. I have a powered USB port plugged into the inverter. This makes it easy to charge phones, cameras, etc, plus being handy to the computer.

The white object under the table is a drawer I fashioned from drawer rails and a plastic tray. I keep small note pads in it. Under way, we store the salt & pepper in it. Below is a shot of it open. One fine day, I may make a custom drawer to replace it. A single drawer that slides half way open from each side is what I have in mind.

In the lower picture, you see a black nylon computer tote bag. Nothing novel about it, but that it has three of the widow screws though it to keep it in position. Under way the computer is stored in it. Plus it provides a convient place for pens, and all sorts of USB cables.

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