Saturday, October 13, 2012

LED Lights In The Florescent Fixtures

We replaced the Halogen bulbs in the puck fixtures with LED’s last year. They work fine for reading and dining. We also replaced the lamp in the center of the MB kitchen with a florescent we picked up at the Mothership. While, these fixtures are intended to be mounted recessed, we surface mounted it. This fixture greatly improved kitchen lighting. I think the 2011 models went to this. [It might be recess mounted, but I forgot to ask Vince what was up there]

We wanted LED lighting in the kitchen area for cooking and dish washing. While we are normally done with dinner by 7PM; it gets dark in the shoulder months well before 7.

There are many approaches to replacing the fluorescent's with LED’s. There are various LED strips and even tubes with strips inside them. The latter require removing or bypassing the ballast. The light output of strips is all over the place.

I elected to add LED’s to the fixture rather than replace the fluorescent's. This way we have our choice of what to use depending on how we are powered. When we have no shore power and the days are short and overcast, the LED’s are darn nice to have.


Here you can see the LED strips are affixed to the fixture with a sticky back pad. I just spliced them to the existing wiring. I added a separate rocker switch for the LED’s. It’s the black switch.

The LED’s are not quite as bright as the fluorescent's, but they are more than adequate. And they barely register on the amp meter.

In addition to allowing a choice of lighting, we maintained the factory standard. The next owners might hate LED’s and only park on concrete.


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