Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Flag Holder For The Jeep

I am going off topic here to show a flag holder I made for the Jeep, so I can post a link to it from a Jeep forum that does not allow pictures unless you pay $20 a year for the privilege. I find that out outrageous in a time of Google allowing unlimited picture storage.

OK Design 4D is completed and open for criticism. The SS I got was harder and thicker than any I have tried to drill before. Two titanium bits, bit the dust.


#1, Shows short bolts through two new holes in the tire mount with a coupling nut attached to one side. One long stud might work as well? [One nut attached for illustration purposes. Both sides will have them]

#2 Longer studs in coupling bolts.

#3 Complete – Ready to mount flag holders

Note the whole assembly can be easily removed.

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