Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More Storage in the Bath

We needed a little more storage in the bath, to unload the pile we had in the overhead bin. We did not need enough storage to buy or build a medicine cabinet and so lose mirror space. We looked for months and finally hit on two items that gave us what we needed.

The shelf over the window stores bottles that are too high to go in the overhead bin. Cost $15 at Target

Bad Idea. We had attached several items to the walls with the current generation of 3M stickies. This item was too heavy for the adhesive holding the wallpaper to the fiberboard. The weight pulled the wallpaper away from the fiberboard and down came the rack. Fortunately, the wallpaper did not tear, but there are now two big bubbles of wallpaper. I will have to put the rack back up to hide the damage and that means putting holes in the wall. That means something will always have to be there to cover up this mistake.










This two-drawer plastic cabinet holds a myriad of small things that we can now get to without digging in a large tray. This is our medicine cabinet. I used Dual Lock to keep it on the shelf. I drilled a small hole from the top to the bottom through one side. A wire coat hanger is inserted through the hole to keep the drawers closed in transit. Cost $6 at Lowe’s.

One advantage of the cabinet is that it can removed in seconds and discarded in favor of something else.

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