Friday, January 13, 2017

Fan Speed Control

I have long wanted more choice of fan speeds for the fans we use over our beds. Goldilocks right. Larry Wade posted about a variable fan control from Amazon and I had to have it.

It's called RioRand™ Upgraded 6V-90V 15A DC Motor Pump Speed Controller. The link is good today, but I would expect it change, so that's why I included the full description.

I connected it to the DC wires in the raceway above the beds in our MB.

The fan control dial is in the middle. Easy to reach from my sleeping position.  [The red switch is for the cell amp and other thingie is a dual USB port]

This is the controller mounted in the bin over my head. 

Showing the fan and the speed control

The fan is through bolted into the bin and deadened with rubber.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Flag Holder For The Jeep

I am going off topic here to show a flag holder I made for the Jeep, so I can post a link to it from a Jeep forum that does not allow pictures unless you pay $20 a year for the privilege. I find that out outrageous in a time of Google allowing unlimited picture storage.

OK Design 4D is completed and open for criticism. The SS I got was harder and thicker than any I have tried to drill before. Two titanium bits, bit the dust.


#1, Shows short bolts through two new holes in the tire mount with a coupling nut attached to one side. One long stud might work as well? [One nut attached for illustration purposes. Both sides will have them]

#2 Longer studs in coupling bolts.

#3 Complete – Ready to mount flag holders

Note the whole assembly can be easily removed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


LD owners like Progressive Insurance. The largest number of LD owners are left coasties, which pre-disposes them to be progressives. The owner of Progressive Insurance supports progressive political policies. That is reason for us to avoid them. However, before I learned this I got insurance from them. First year fine. Second year rate up 20%. Up 25% the next year and another 20% the fourth, at which point I got coverage from Amerprise which cut our rates in half. We had no claims or citations.

As always, shop rates in YOUR state.

Front End Alignment

We had the front end aligned the year we bought KoKo. The chassis comes from Ford with a ball park alignment as they have no idea how the chassis will be used or how much the weight will be. We followed directions and had it done after letting it “settle” for 5,000 miles and loaded as it goes down the road. No problems for four years. Then it started eating tires. We bought tires twice and had it aligned three times. Turns out that not a one of the alignment shops replaced what are called blanks that Ford puts on to hold the ball joints with adjustable thingies called eccentrics so that alignment on all axis can be done. Eccentrics tune both the camber and caster, but more of the former. The bottom line even highly recommended alignment shops can screw you. All they know to do is what the machine tells them.

Roger Henderson refused to comment if Ford ships chassis with blanks. For that, he lost all credibility.

A friend with a SOB, who read about our FE woes and was also eating tires, called us to advise that the shop they went to for alignment this time found the blanks, still on after 140,000 miles.

Sunday, July 27, 2014


Henderson’s of Grants Pass, Oregon specializes in after-market parts to improve handling and ride for RV’s. They have a loyal and enthusiastic customer base in the Lazy Daze community. We recently had the opportunity to listen Mr. Henderson describe his business. After his presentation, we decided they had nothing to offer us, except selling us several thousand dollars of parts.

The E450 is not a sports car, but we have no complaints about how it handles. We don’t attempt to drive in high winds. That’s just silly.

Our opinion is backed up by two people that actually understand what a ball joint is.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Toilet Not Holding Water Seal

I have not updated this Blog simply because we have done everything we want to do to KoKo.

However, perhaps this post will help me to remember something.

Our toilet bowl has not been holding the water seal this trip. I have scrubbed and cleaned to no avail. This morning I suddenly recalled that white vinegar had cured the problem before. I put in one ounce and saw improvement. So I repeated it. Much better. Dorothy suggested adding baking soda – what could it hurt – so I did. Problem solved.

Yes, cleaning with a good brush, especially between the seal and fixure, is always good. So is letting the lever go once in awhile, rather than gently letting it return. But for sure results pour in an once of white vinegar to eat the scale off.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

LED Lights In The Florescent Fixtures

We replaced the Halogen bulbs in the puck fixtures with LED’s last year. They work fine for reading and dining. We also replaced the lamp in the center of the MB kitchen with a florescent we picked up at the Mothership. While, these fixtures are intended to be mounted recessed, we surface mounted it. This fixture greatly improved kitchen lighting. I think the 2011 models went to this. [It might be recess mounted, but I forgot to ask Vince what was up there]

We wanted LED lighting in the kitchen area for cooking and dish washing. While we are normally done with dinner by 7PM; it gets dark in the shoulder months well before 7.

There are many approaches to replacing the fluorescent's with LED’s. There are various LED strips and even tubes with strips inside them. The latter require removing or bypassing the ballast. The light output of strips is all over the place.

I elected to add LED’s to the fixture rather than replace the fluorescent's. This way we have our choice of what to use depending on how we are powered. When we have no shore power and the days are short and overcast, the LED’s are darn nice to have.


Here you can see the LED strips are affixed to the fixture with a sticky back pad. I just spliced them to the existing wiring. I added a separate rocker switch for the LED’s. It’s the black switch.

The LED’s are not quite as bright as the fluorescent's, but they are more than adequate. And they barely register on the amp meter.

In addition to allowing a choice of lighting, we maintained the factory standard. The next owners might hate LED’s and only park on concrete.