Saturday, April 25, 2009

To Cover or Not

Should you buy a cover for your Lazy Daze?
This is our experience.

When got KoKo we just HAD to have a cover for it to keep pine needles and leaves from accumulating on the roof. We were not home a full month at one time the first year, so the cover did not get used until this winter. Here is our experience with it.

We washed and waxed KoKo and put the cover on 10 weeks ago. When we
uncovered her today, she looked in good shape, except for a little
mold that formed on the cab over above the windshield. It has been
very wet here for three weeks.

The cover fits perfectly. In fact, the manufacturer [ADCO] shows a
Lazy Daze in their ads. There is a zippered flap that allows access
through the coach door. That makes going in and out pretty easy.

We choose the custom fit cover which is 3 or 4 times the cost of the
precut covers. I wanted the Sunbrealla fabric which is only available
in custom fit.

To access a storage bin you must unhook one or maybe two tie down
straps that go under the rig.

Since the solar panels are covered, some other means of keeping the
house batteries charged is necessary - or just disconnect them.

Someone must go on the roof to put the cover on. It can be removed
without going topside.

The cover keeps the tires out of the sun. It came with tire covers,
but they are not needed when the cover is on.

To run the getset or engine, the cover needs to be hoisted a bit for
the exhaust pipes to clear. No problem running the a/c with cover.

Would I buy a cover again? If we had a red LD, then definitely yes.
For us, it would be a coin flip as it does not get that much use as we
travel most of the time.

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