Friday, January 13, 2017

Fan Speed Control

I have long wanted more choice of fan speeds for the fans we use over our beds. Goldilocks right. Larry Wade posted about a variable fan control from Amazon and I had to have it.

It's called RioRand™ Upgraded 6V-90V 15A DC Motor Pump Speed Controller. The link is good today, but I would expect it change, so that's why I included the full description.

I connected it to the DC wires in the raceway above the beds in our MB.

The fan control dial is in the middle. Easy to reach from my sleeping position.  [The red switch is for the cell amp and other thingie is a dual USB port]

This is the controller mounted in the bin over my head. 

Showing the fan and the speed control

The fan is through bolted into the bin and deadened with rubber.

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