Monday, April 20, 2009

About This Blog

The purpose of this Blog is to Blog about our RV, KoKo and it's toad Pelli.

The RV is 2007 Mid Bath model manufactured by Lazy Daze of Montclair, CA. Lazy Daze builds the best small motor homes on the road.

The toad is a 2007 Jeep Liberty. Not the best quality vehicle, but it has no towing restrictions, it's fairly light and can do off-road.

We named the RV KoKo, a play on Cocoa, which is the color of the RV.

Since we like Kokopelli, the toad is named Pelli.

Mostly, I will blog about the minor mods we do to Koko which makes her ours.

This is KoKo at the Mothership, the day we picked her up September 12, 2007







This is KoKo and Pelli a few weeks after we picked her up at Vista Linda, NM








One more of KoKo on her maiden voyage. This one at Three Rivers RA in northern New Mexico.








We have a travel Blog, Traveling Dorothy, which covers our trips.

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