Monday, April 20, 2009

Must Have Items

Some of the best mods we have made to KoKo were done at modest expense and did not permanently modify the rig. I am confident that the things we most value will not impress the eventual second owner. So for resale value, I try to do mods that can be undone or that will not be noticed.

Things we have to have:

Dual Lock tape. This is a plastic Velcro that can be used in many situations. I It holds! We have had a temperature sensor stuck under the cab for almost two years. It holds over bumps and highway wind speeds. Best of all it can be removed without damage to the surface.

We initially bought three yards of it. We used it all and bought another three yards.

Here is more information about Dual Lock and how to obtain it

Solar Fence Lights Another excellent idea we got from Andy Baird. You can get them at Home Depot for $10. We have one in the skylight in the bath and a second as a porch light. [Affixed to the side of the rig with Dual Lock] The sun takes care of charging them. The one in the bath is great when you have to get up at night. The porch light has enough light to keep the buggers away and show me which way to shoot. They are ideal for us as we dry camp most of the time.

A roll or two of Velcro ties that you can purchase many places including Lowe's. They are indispensable for keeping things like cords and hoses tidy.

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