Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bottle Storage

Using otherwise dead space.

On a Mid-Bath, there is just enough room behind the passenger seat to store a few bottles. I made a holder and through bolted it through the forward dinette seat. Yes, there are three small holes for the bolts, but they are hidden unless you remove the holder, get on all fours and peer behind the seat. I can access the inboard two bottles easily. To put my hands on the outboard two, the seat has to be tilted forward.

I made the holder with 1/8 Luan plywood and added a 3/8 wood strip for the bolts. The wood parts are held together with WEST System epoxy, my fastener choice for all wood projects.

Note that the natural color of Luan is close to the stained color of the Lazy Daze wood. All I did to the plywood was to put on a few coats of polyuretane. In the low light behind the seat, the color difference it is barely noticeable. The photo was taken with flash and so the difference can be seen.

Before installation the holder shown upside down, so you can see the wood strip and bolts.

Behind the seat bottle storage.

Over 25,000 miles and 18 months later, I call it a good mod.

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