Saturday, March 13, 2010

Silver Tray

This "silver tray" is not our mod. It was made by Paul Grinde, who no longer makes them. I am posting this so that others can see how to make their own.

It is constructed of thin, [3/64 or .030mm], sheet metal, 1/2" plywood, plastic dividers and thin outdoor carpet. Where to acquire the sheet metal would be the biggest hurdle for me. Building a jig to accurately bend the metal would be the next little hurdle.

The width of your drawer determines the width of the tray. You put two 90 degree bends at the edges of the metal tray. One just less than the width of the drawer, the second to overlap and ride on the sides of the drawer. Our tray is 3/4" deep and 11" long. It could be an inch or so longer, but the length needs to allow it to shoved back to provide easy access to what is below the tray.

The wood at both ends gives the tray it's stability. It's cut the width of the tray. Three nerf cuts are made on each piece allow the plastic dividers to be inserted. Coat the wood with polyurethane or varnish, as it's going to get wet being so near the sink.

The tray is secured to the wood with tacks. See picture.

Outdoor carpet is cut to fit the bottom of the tray.

I would guess you could make several in an afternoon.

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