Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Table for the Rear Lounge

We wanted a small table in the rear lounge of our MB. We wanted to use it to set our morning coffee and snacks on and for the computer. We always sleep in the rear and prefer twin beds, so the table could not interfere with sleeping.

What we wound up with is close to perfect. Dorothy’s brother did all the thinking on it.

The first picture shows the panel the table is hinged to. It covers the flat surface from the carpet to where the rear wall hooks inward. I thought I would find studs somewhere behind it. But, the studs are a little above and below the top and bottom on the panel. So the panel is screwed to the studs using #6 3.5 inch screws at a 60 degree angle from the face of the panel. There is little easy about a Lazy Daze.

The table is 26 x 15. Two or three inches wider might have been ideal, but the wood came from a maple coffee table Dorothy’s parents had when she was a girl. First marriage stuff. So the width was set for us. The wood is beautiful and it makes for some fond memories, so the heck with the width.

I routed all sides to match the original bullnose. We finished it with several coats of varnish rub - three parts mineral spirits to one part polyurethane.

After a month of use, we like it. It not only looks good, but it well serves its function.

We have a hassock below the table that we use for storage. The top of the hassock holds current books and accumulates all manner of junk. If needed, we can move the hassock between the cab seats and fold the table down.

This is the first mod we have made that put holes in the rig. The next owner can remove the table and fill the hinge holes on the panel. If they want to remove the panel, they will need to fill the holes in the rear wall. I am told that it could be done with colored putty.

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