Friday, December 3, 2010

Replacing Halogen Bulbs with LEDs

After these LED's were proved in use by some chums I bit and spent $50 to replace all the halogen bulbs. These are the round puck lights.
The source is a difficult web site.
First, go here Superbright.
Then scroll down to G4 Side-Pin Lamps with High Power LEDs
Click on the tab G4-xHP6-DAC High Power SMD Disc Lamp - The six LED lamps.
Then Buy.
Of course, the web site will probably change before you read this, just remember you are looking for G4 Side pin lamps.
I got the Cool White. Most people prefer a warmer color. Cool white is closer to the halogen than the warm white. The warm white is pinkish to me.

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  1. LED lights are also shatter proof and free from Mercury, making them much safer for home and the environment.