Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cabinet in the Cabover

This was a major mod for us. We thought about it for over a year until we pulled the trigger. To our knowledge, KoKo is the only Lazy Daze with such a mod. It is only for couples that sleep in the back beds and do not need the cab over bed.

We needed bulk storage for large light items. We did not like having to get on our hands and knees to access storage under the dinette and refrigerator.

To add the cabinet the bed had to be removed. This was easy. You need only peel back the carpet an inch or so to reveal the screws that hold the bed down. Unscrew them, pull the bed out and store it. Nothing is destroyed. The bed can be put back by the next owners.


We bought the drawers, bin faces, hardware, everything except plywood from the factory. This worked out as Larry Wade did the construction for us and he lives in the LA area. The cabinet had to be built inside as it’s too big to fit through doors or windows. This adds a level of complexity to the project. It took Larry the better part of three days to get it done.


The cabinet is centered in the cab over. We left the space on both the left and right above the seats as is. i.e. the passenger side of the cabinet butts up to the map box.

The bins are lined with carpet. We thought we might hear some noise going down the road from things stored in the bins. Not a sound can be heard over road noise.

Added weight? We have not added any items to the rig. We just have moved them from other places in the kitchen to the new cabinet. The cabinet weights about 80 pounds. I will reweigh the rig to see if I need to increase air pressure in the front tires.

How has it worked for us? Better than expected. We could not be happier with it. If we were to do it again, I might leave out the drawers.

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