Saturday, July 2, 2011

Freezer Storage

The trays supplied by Dometic on the freezer door are less than optimal. The vertical one has about zero utility in the real world. Perhaps it was designed for frozen juice cans? Whatever, it was never of any real use for us. There is room for two trays on the right side, but only one tray came with the unit. Camping World gave me a price of $23, plus $25 shipping from Dometic in Sweden.

We found a container at Wal*Mart – [Better Homes brand for less than $6] – that is perfect as a second tray. We stuck it to the door with VHB tape. On consideration, I should have used Dual-Lock tape so it could be removed for easy cleaning. Yet to be determined how well either tape does in freezer temps. This tray is pictured with the blue and green ball in it.


The supplied Dometic tray is holding the Amaretto.

The vertical tray on the left came from Dometic. I added two pieces of Lexan to keep what is placed in it from falling out. I left an opening in the middle to allow fingers to grasp whatever is in the bottom of the tray. You can see the top piece of Lexan in front of the black top of the pepper grinder. Where you see the pepper corns is an opening. The garlic salt is behind the lower piece of Lexan. Got that?

You can get Lexan at Home Depot and a silicone that will “glue” it to the Dometic tray. I cut the Lexan with a band saw, a hacksaw blade would work as well.

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