Sunday, January 1, 2012

Mud Flaps on a Mid Bath


There have been several posts in the past few months about how to mount mud flaps. The posts finally got my energy up to put them on. Two years of procrastination is not so long is it?

After looking at the pictures of Andrea Eagle's mounting method on her Rear Bath and then at our Mid Bath, I realized that mounting mud flaps might different on each of the seven different floor plans.

On the drivers side of a 2007 Mid Bath there is what I will call half of a mud flap. It extends down to the bottom of the box. I am guessing it's purpose is to protect the plumbing behind it from a blowout. It is made of 3/8 aluminum and provides a decent place to hang a shortened mud flap. I cut the flap so that is 4.5 inches above the earth's surface. I mounted it with three 1/4 SS bolts to the aluminum plate. The bad news is that you will need a right angle drill to fit between the tires and the plate. [Even less room from the aft side of the plate] If you care to remove the tires, you will have plenty of room for a conventional drill.

The passenger side is, of course, different. There is a structural beam that extends from the frame to outer most place on the box. It's an 1/8? aluminum box with a wood core. I drilled three holes into the beam and mounted the mud flap with 3/16 SS wood screws. [Until I can get some 1/4 inch screws] The flap on this side needed no shortening. In fact, it’s 5 inches from the ground.

I am hopeful that the flaps will keep some of the grime off the rear window and the toad. Not much concerned about rocks dings on the toad. We adopted the I would rather ding it than wax it philosophy a few years back.

Sorry, no pictures, it rather dark in the wheel well.

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